SENSIMAT: A Better, Safer Way to Sit

Pressure sores are something that can be hard to avoid as a wheelchair user. They can affect you not only physically, but emotionally as well. Wheelchair seat cushions are common to use in order to prevent this, but an additional form of technology has been introduced to enhance the comfort of your wheelchair.

It’s Called SENSIMAT

The SENSIMAT is the first device ever to work with your seat cushion to give you “pressure management at your fingertips”.

Developed over the course of 18 months, the SENSIMAT is a thin mat with multiple pressure sensors that pairs with your iPhone or Android through an app via Bluetooth. It allows you to monitor sitting patterns in order to prevent pressure problems just by putting it underneath your wheelchair cushion.

The SENSIMAT app provides a way to “track, relieve, and analyze” by allowing you to log in and track your pressure, set notifications for when it is time to move, and record where you have made progress.

It also links to your healthcare provider, so they can supervise your regimen and progress.

It gives wheelchair users independence by providing the ability to be self-manageable by using your mobile phone.  As our society is increasingly relying on their mobile phones, this innovation provides more convenience for a wheelchair user.

“SENSIMAT has already collected the world’s largest mobile seating database and is ready to revolutionize the way that we manage and asses pressure”

It has gone through multiple testings at many healthcare institutions, including the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, making it safe and effective for all wheelchair users, including wheelchair athletes.

How Can I Get One?

SENSIMAT is currently finishing up fundraising on the website Indiegogo before it officially goes public.

The good news is, you can purchase yourself a future SENSIMAT by simply donating to the project.  There are different packages available.  By donating $299 (CAD), you can purchase a limited edition SENSIMAT signed by the founders.  You can also purchase one for yourself and for someone in need for the price of $699.

Other packages are available as well, including choices for those who don’t actually want a SENSIMAT, but simply want to give to the cause.  Packages that include a SENSIMAT come with a free download of the app, 6 months of free access to their client portal, and a bunch of swag.

For more information, visit their crowdsourcing page here.

What do you think of the SENSIMAT? Do you want to purchase one?  Have you struggled with seating pains or pressure ulcers? 

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