The Importance of Giving Back

The history of Rollx Vans is not the happiest of stories.

Our founder, Wade Harris lost his mother when he was 5.  Shortly after, his father left him and his three siblings.  This series of events taught him that life can change very quickly, and it is not always fair.  While spending most of his childhood being moved around between different relatives, Wade had to learn how to provide for himself.

This strong work ethic led him to starting his own business in 1970, Associated Leasing.    Over the next seven years he would open 4 more automotive dealerships.  At this point, he was also married with children.

Life was good.

But the good times didn’t last.  In 1978, Wade’s son Tony was killed in a tragic skiing accident.  The family was devastated, and Wade was left searching for meaning in the aftermath of this event.  Him and his wife decided to donate Tony’s memorials to fund a transportation company for seniors and people with disabilities.

Over the next three years, HSCTS provided more than 680,000 free rides to wheelchair users and senior citizens.

Wade suddenly saw the beauty that could come out of even the worst of situations.

The Turning Point

Emboldened by the success of providing transportation to those in need, Wade changed his entire life’s direction.  He realized he could to more than just give people rides.  He could give the means to let them drive themselves.  So he set out to make brand new wheelchair vans to sell.

And from there, Rollx Vans was born.

It came from this idea that what we have can quickly be taken away, no matter how hard we try to hold on to it.  So rather than try to hold on, Wade Harris decided to let go.  To give it back.  To pay it forward.

Since the company’s beginning, Rollx Vans has worked with numerous charities and organizations to help give to those in need.  It’s a mentality that is still with us today.  Every year, we donate 30 percent of our profits to charitable causes.

Some of the organizations we work with can be found on this page here.

We’re not talking about this to brag.  We simply want to share our story and hopefully encourage other people to give back as well.  It’s important.  Not only can generosity change someone else’s life, it will probably change yours too.

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