The Rollx Vans Reconditioning Process

used wheelchair accessible vans

There are an endless amount of places that sell used vehicles.  There are even quite a few who sell used wheelchair accessible vans.  While you could say that Rollx Vans sells them too, we like to think our “used” vans are more than some beat up, rusting vehicle you’d typically expect to find.

Instead, we like to refer to our pre-owned inventory as reconditioned.  Why?  Because before any of our customers get behind the wheel of a used van, it goes through a very strict and thorough reconditioning process.

Here’s how it works.

How a Van is Reconditioned

Rollx Vans has their own in house manufacturing building attached directly to the company headquarters.  It’s the same place we build and reassemble our new wheelchair vans, and it’s capable of doing virtually everything a vehicle could need done.

Taking the van into our shop, the four to five week reconditioning process starts.  First, there is inspection.

We check the brake line, brake pads and rotors, fuel lines, engine fluid, air conditioning, and all other engine components.  Naturally we also change the oil.

After that, we replace or repair the ground effects that mask the bottom of the vehicle.

Next, we either recondition or sometimes completely reinstall the ramp system itself.  Once that’s taken care of, we check the suspension and align the tires using advanced computer technology.  This is done under strict factory specifications.

Because we understand wheelchair vans are somewhat of a premium vehicle, we believe the inside of the van is very important.  All certified used wheelchair accessible vehicles have their interior carpet stripped and replaced with brand new carpet.  Underneath the carpet we lay a layer of padding to provide maximum comfort and support.

When getting in a reconditioned Rollx Van, you’d think you were in a brand new vehicle.

Of course, we don’t want the inside to outclass the exterior.  Before any of our reconditioned vans can be called complete, they’re sent to our very own paint and detailing department.  We use the same grade of tools and equipment the manufacturers use so our color matching is perfect and our application is seamless.

Simply put, a reconditioned Rollx Van is the best “used vehicle” you’ll find anywhere.

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