They Will Surf Again

Rollx Vans isn’t just about providing quality new and used wheelchair vans.  We seek to promote mobility and opportunity.  By partnering with different organizations, we are able to take our dreams much further than we could do alone.  One of our partners is the “Life Rolls On” organization.

The beauty of uniting with others is seeing what they are doing to make the world better.  One of Life Rolls On’s signature programs is They Will Surf Again.  Every year, Life Rolls On goes coast to coast to some great American beaches with one goal: get as many people to surf as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are a person with disabilities or not.  They Will Surf Again is about getting on a board and riding across the water.  Life Rolls On sees this as a chance to show what’s possible beyond paralysis.  So far, it’s been a great success.  Thousands of people have showed up to bring hope and inspiration.

Rollx Vans is the official transportation sponsor for They Will Surf Again.  You would like to participate, volunteer, or simply know a little bit more about the event, visit the official website here.  Registration spots are limited.

About Life Rolls On

Life Rolls On is a subsidiary of the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation.  Founded in 2002, LRO serves to inspire individuals with paralysis.  Along with They Will Surf Again, LRO has also held skiing and skating events.  All programs are provided without charge to participants.  Life Rolls On was started by Jesse Billauer after experiencing a spinal cord industry.  Though he is paralyzed, Jesse continues to motivate and challenge others like him.

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