Three Men Plan to Do 50 Marathons in 50 Weeks

This Saturday, approximately 3000 people will be participating in the Mississippi Blues Marathon.  For most, this will be the only marathon they run this year.  Maybe the only one they run in their whole life.

But for three men in wheelchairs, it will be the first of 50 marathons spread across 50 states in 50 weeks.

That’s right, a different marathon every week for the next 50 weeks, meaning they’ll be going almost the entire year.

Three Men Driven to Inspire

Each of these men suffered a spinal cord injury during their life that left them without the use of their legs.

Grant Berthiaume was a contractor until he took a fall while framing a house in 88.  Aaron Roux was a marine who got in a car accident while on leave.  The third man, Paul Erway was also injured in a car accident, leaving his legs paralyzed.

Though these three men come from different areas and background, they have all been united by their passion for wheelchair sports.

Back in 1992, Erway attempted to make the Paralympic Games.  His failure to do so was initially quite demoralizing.  Eventually though, it turned him to marathon running which he has been doing ever since.

All three men see this as a great way not just to stay active and in shape, but to inspire others just like them.  By competing in these marathons and travelling across the nation, they hope to raise money for the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation.

Regardless of the amount they end up raising, there is no doubt that the effort put forth by these three is truly remarkable.  It will almost certainly motivate others to follow in their path.

It’s also worth noting that Paul Erway himself now works full time modifying vans for handicap accessibility.

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