Toronto Fashion Designer is Giving Wheelchair Users their Personality Back

Fashion can be a struggle for anyone.

What most people do not realize, though, is that fashion isn’t just a struggle for wheelchair users; it is an everyday pain.

Clothing can be incredibly uncomfortable for wheelchair users, especially when there isn’t enough padding for support, or when buttons or zippers are located in inconvenient locations.

Luckily, there are designers looking to create clothing to specifically fit comfortably for wheelchair users.

IZ Adaptive

What started as a request from a wheelchair-using journalist, turned into a full-out fashion line and e-boutique. IZ Adaptive’s owner Izzy Camilleri has been creating fashionable, functional clothing for wheelchair users since 2009.

The line includes clothing for both men and women. And, it uses innovative methods for keeping garments in place, while making it much simpler for wheelchair users to get into and out of their clothing.

For example, the clothing line uses magnetic buttons that are much simpler for people with limited hand strength. It also takes advantage of and incorporates zippers into the design of pieces by placing them in the front of garments- that way they serve both as fashion statements and easier access for the people wearing them.

IZ Adaptive for Men

The men’s line includes shorts, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, vests and jackets. One unique element of the line are the t-shirts.

The t-shirts use what the line refers to as an “open-back” design. They’re constructed much the same as regular t-shirts are, but they have closures down the back of the shirt, so it can easily be pulled off.

The tees are also an a-line fit, so they fit properly in the shoulders but provide ample room around the waist for comfortability.

IZ Adaptive for Women

The women’s line also includes pants, jackets and shirts, but includes various fashionable pieces like capris, leggings, dresses, and skirts.

One unique element of this line includes a piece called “keep your knees together”. This is a simple elastic band that goes easily around both legs and keeps them together while wearing a skirt.

At this time IZ Adaptive is solely an online boutique, so you won’t even need to leave your home using one of our handicapped vehicles to get your new adaptive wardrobe. Luckily, they have a great returns and exchange policy, so you won’t need to worry about getting something that doesn’t fit.

Want to learn more about IZ Adaptive? Check out their website here.

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