Transfer Seats Make it Easy to Get into your Wheelchair Van

Once you have had a transfer seat installed in your wheelchair van, you will never want to own a vehicle without one again. Transfer seats make the process of getting in and out of your wheelchair van safe, easy and fast.

If you are ever planning on driving your wheelchair van, then a transfer seat is a feature that you should definitely consider having installed.

Take it from the Inventors

Rollx Vans doesn’t just install transfer seats we actually invented one ourselves. More than 20 years ago, we set out to make it easier, faster and more safe for people with disabilities to get in and out of their vehicle.

The result of that quest was the market’s very first “trackless design” transfer seat. We designed and manufactured a new transfer seat that was clean, compact and reliable in every situation.

And we still use them today.

How They Work

Our specially designed transfer seats are operated with a six-button handheld pendant controller that can be attached securely to the side of the seat. It is easy to reach and even easier to operate.

Using the controller, the user can move the seat back and forth a full 20 inches, raise the seat up and down a full nine inches and rotate the seat up to 180 degrees. Whether you use a walker, a standard wheelchair or a power scooter, you can adjust the seat to your ideal transfer position every single time.

The best part about our transfer seats is that they do not need to replace the seat in your van. The trackless design is simply an addition to the bottom of the seat, meaning you can keep the same comfortable seat that you already have installed in your van. Our transfer seats can be installed on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle and even include a sliding footrest underneath, making your original seat even more comfortable.

Buy Direct from the Manufacturer

One of the best parts about buying a wheelchair van directly from the manufacturer is that you know you will be getting a quality product that was built with care. We can even install any features that you think will make your wheelchair van more comfortable and easy to use.

Just let us know what you need, and we will be sure to make it happen.

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