Upcoming Event: Annual West Coast Disability Pride Parade

We talk a lot about adaptive sports being a great way for people with disabilities to get out, stay active, healthy and socialize.

But, there are other ways wheelchair users can get out and about in their handicap vans, and also great ways for their friends, family, and advocates to get involved, too.

One perfect example of this is through Disability Pride Parades.

The Annual Festivities

Disability Pride Parades are held each year to celebrate people with disabilities and, often, also the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990.

Each year, these events happen in various places around the United States like Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Southern California, Detroit, Colorado Springs, New Jersey, Columbus, and other areas around the world.

The events strive to bring communities together and change the way people think about and define disabilities and people living with those disabilities.

The West Coast Pride Parade

This year, the annual West Coast parade is happening Saturday, July 19, from noon to 3:30pm, in Mountain View, California.

The festival is in its fifth year, and features a Disability and Aging Resource Fair, a variety of interactive activities for kids, and of course music!

For more information about this weekend’s West Coast Disability Pride Parade, you can visit their registration page here.

Getting Involved

If you haven’t attended one of the various Disability Pride Parades that happen around the United States already, you should definitely try to stop by one happening in your area.

And, if there isn’t one happening in your area, you can get in contact with the organizers for one of the other parades and look into starting one in your community.

Have you been to one of the Disability Pride Parades or another event like them before? What was your experience like? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments below.

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