Walk and Roll Foundation: Changing Lives Through Dance

There are quite possibly hundreds of foundations that contribute to research and raise awareness for the disabled community. And, new organizations are being created every day, each with their own unique mission.

One such example of this the Walk and Roll Foundation.

A Mission to Move

Based in California, the Walk and Roll Foundation began after an automobile accident left Chelsie Hill with a spinal cord injury. Chelsie, along with her father Jon, started the foundation as a way to get her story out and bring awareness to the consequences of drunk driving.

The began educating teens on these consequences through their program called Rally4Reality. But, Chelsie wanted to do more and also inspire others at the same time.

She started a dance team made up of SCI survivors from around the country.

Changing Lives Through Dance

The Walk and Roll dance team travels the country and performs at various events. Their goal is to spread awareness of SCI, the consequences of drunk driving, and to let other SCI survivors know that they don’t need to give up their dreams.

Their performances vary, but often include routines with wheelchair-only dancers, both wheelchair users and able-bodied dancers, and also workshops where they teach dance to other wheelchair users.

Rolling Towards the Future

The foundation’s members know that they’re traveling a path that will help them educate both parents and teens, inspire people with spinal cord injuries to live their lives to the fullest and achieve their dreams, and improve the quality of life for SCI survivors.

But, their foundation is still in its infancy as they’ve been around for just under four years. If they keep on the path that they’re currently on, they’ll be able to reach their goals like many other organizations have been doing already.

You can get more information about the Walk and Roll Foundation on their website WalkandRollFoundation.org, and then check out our wheelchair vans for sale for more information on our mission within the wheelchair community.

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