Winter Wheelblades for Wheelchairs

Many of our readers are much too familiar with the adverse effects snow and ice have on wheelchairs. Due to this, many wheelchair users do not often subject themselves to outdoor activities in the winter months, and only venture outside when it’s deemed truly necessary.

But, what if there was a solution to this problem and wheelchair users could finally enjoy the winter weather with ease? Luckily, there is a solution. Since we are stuck in winter weather for another six weeks, we wanted to share this technology as a way for our readers to stay active in the snow.

The answer this winter is Wheelblades.

The Concept

Wheelblades is not a new technology innovation. They have actually been around for a couple of years. What makes them great, though, is how simple they are to use and the benefits that come from using them.

Wheelblades come with a clamp lock that attaches to the smaller front wheel on wheelchairs and acts as a mini ski. This keeps the small wheel from sinking into the snow and getting stuck.

The Wheelblade ski is adjustable, so it fits any size front wheel from 1.8 cm to 6 cm in width. In addition to wheelchairs, the Wheelblade also works for strollers. It is also suggested to pair the Wheelblades with snow tires for optimum results.

The History Behind the Invention

Wheelblades were invented by Patrick Mayer because he personally had the need for a product to help himself stay more active in the winter, as he is a quadriplegic himself. It was his sheer need and motivation to have flexibility and mobility in any weather year round that brought Wheelblades to life.

Have you used Wheelblades to get around in the snow before? Does a product like this make it easier for you to get around in the winter?

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