Choosing Between a Minivan and a Full Size Van

Whether you are looking to purchase one of our new or used wheelchair vans, you probably have a lot of questions that need to be answered. One of the most common questions that we get is to explain the difference between our selection of minivans and full-size vans.

Each type of van has its benefits, and the choice between the two usually comes down to the specific wants and needs of the customer, but both are guaranteed to provide you with a new sense of freedom. Owning a wheelchair van is one of the most liberating experiences for a person with a disability, and the feeling of being able to go wherever you want to go at any time is something that is life-changing.

So which type of wheelchair van is right for you: a minivan or a full-size van?

Breakdown of Our Minivans

Many of our minivans are our most widely-desired products by people who have disabilities. Their safety records are unmatched and they have achieved a perfect NHTSA crash-test record. They are the more cost-efficient vans we sell and have great gas-mileage to further increase savings.

Because of their small, sleek design, minivans look great whether they are on the road or parked in a driveway. Although spacious,  they do not have as much storage capacity as a full-size van.

See more detailed information on our selection of minivans.

Breakdown of Our Full Size Vans

Our full-size vans are big enough to hold passengers with any type of wheelchair and still have room for the whole family, a few friends or anyone else who wants to come along for the ride.

They also feature a ton of storage space for wheelchairs, accessories, luggage and more. Their primary benefit is that they have the ability to hold double post lifts, which can lift even the largest, heaviest wheelchairs on the market. Finally, full-size vans have an extra six inches of headroom that allows for maximum comfort.

Although they look a bit intimidating, full-size vans handle really well and are no more challenging to drive than any other vehicle on the road.

See more detailed information on our selection of full-size vans.

Regardless of which van that you choose, know that they both come with a stellar warranty and nationwide service plan that will keep your van in great health down the road.

Do you have any other questions on our selection of handicap vans? Which type of van do you think is right for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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