Great Britain’s New Innovation: The Sesame System

Not having access to certain buildings is frustrating when you are a wheelchair user. Whether it’s an entire staircase or just a couple of steps to enter a building, it’s a hassle. Though assistance is usually available, it is not guaranteed and ultimately makes things more difficult than they need to be. Since this issue came to attention, a new idea was introduced.

This past summer, a new innovation for wheelchair accessibility was developed in Great Britain…  The Allgood Trio Sesame Steps.

By just the press of a button, the stairs that were once standing in your way, disappear. How convenient is that?

The Sesame System, known as a “magical” technologically advanced system, works by having a lift that is concealed and installed underneath stairs. The steps retract and by pressing the button, it allows wheelchair users to use the chair lift for access into various buildings.

Engineers specifically design and tailor each lift according to the building and entrance. This ensures that it is as safe and effective as possible.

The Sesame Steps are good option for buildings that have access regulations like historical building that are too old and restrictive. Not only do they provide more independence and opens up more options of easy accessibility just like handicap vehicles do, but they also save space. This means they don’t hinder others who don’t need to use a lift, since they’re not visible unless unless activated.

Although, just like many other advancements in technology today, there are some concerns that consumers have. Since the button is placed at the top of the stairs, that means someone needs to press the button in order for the lift to activate for the wheelchair user to use. Though there may be room for improvement, this innovation is a great start to advancing accessibility.

Check out this video to see a demonstration on how the Allgood Sesame Steps operate:

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