Multisport Wheelchair Makes Staying Active Easy

We all know that staying active effects your overall health and happiness. Some even say that being active is the most important thing there is, especially for someone with limited mobility to begin with.

Luckily, there’s a wide variety of ways wheelchair users can remain active including various exercise options and an even larger range of adaptive sports.

There’s just one issue. Adaptive sports can be a relatively large expense.

The Problem with Adaptive Sports

Participation in adaptive sports, like participating in any other sport, comes with registration and equipment fees. However, there can also be additional fees.

One equipment cost that’s unique to adaptive sports is often a wheelchair that’s been adapted specifically for that sport. For example, adaptive hockey uses a sled, the option for sitting while skiing requires a special chair, and cycling uses a chair with handcycles.

Out with the Old, In with the New

A nonprofit organization called Motivation and based in the United Kingdom, is working to change the costs involved with adaptive sports participation.

How are they doing that, you ask?

Motivation developed a line of wheelchairs that are less costly than most adaptive equipment, and can be used for multiple sports. They call it the Multisport.

The Multisport is currently available in four different sizes. It comes standard with a removable toe guard, adjustable back height and foot rest, and four straps to keep users in place.

In addition, the purchases of the Multisport wheelchair fund the missions and goals of Motivation.

About Motivation

Motivation mission is to provide high-quality wheelchairs to people who need them in developing countries. They strive to improve the transform lives of those people by giving them independence, confidence, and hope for the future, all by giving the gift of movement.

If you would like to use one of our van wheelchair lift options to get you and your Multisport to your next adaptive sporting event, let us know!

What do you think of this new wheelchair technology made specifically for sports? Would you be more motivated to get active if you had one? Why or why not?

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