The Rollx Vans Guide to Conversion Features

At Rollx Vans our motto is: “Your Life. Your Ride.” And with our unique ability to customize every single aspect of our customer’s brand new or used wheelchair vans, it’s really easy to stand behind that very saying.

When we first start working with our customers, we know they’ll have questions. What we don’t often realize is that they’re wanting to know exactly what fully customized truly means and if their van will fit all of their needs.

Your Van, Customized

We’re not sure if our customers have worked with other companies in the past that don’t deliver on a fully customized solution, but at Rollx Vans we start from the ground up. We do this so our customers get exactly what they’re looking for out of their van.

Our customers start by selecting the make and model of the vehicle they’re looking for. Then, they select their standard features like paint color, interior materials (cloth vs. leather), interior colors, sound package, and really every other selection you can make at any standard vehicle dealership.

Then, we work with them to select the accessible features that will transform their van into something that will actually work for instead of against them.

The Rollx Vans Way

Our experienced sales team will help you determine exactly which conversion features you may need now or in the future to give you as much flexibility as possible with your new vehicle. This means they’ll talk you through options like:

  • The ability to have multiple drivers for the vehicle.
  • Adding additional seating options for family and friends.
  • Determining where wheelchair safety features need to be placed.
  • And, more!

Our sales team will use this information to help you select the best conversion features from our growing list of options like:

  • Lifts & Ramps
  • Hand Controls
  • Transfer Seats
  • Tie downs & Securements
  • And, more!

Getting Started

Just in case you want to dive into more information about the different conversion features before you start working with our sales team, we’ve created a guide just for you. In our latest eBook, we’re featuring all of our current accessibility options; complete with detailed information and images.

With Rollx Vans, we make it easy to get started.

Download the eBook Today

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