Wheelchair Costume Ideas: the 2015 Edition

In Minnesota, the end of October brings crisp air, the donning of jackets, the eating and drinking of pretty much pumpkin spice everything, and one of our favorite holidays: Halloween.

It’s the one time each year where we can dress up as our favorite TV show, movie and video game characters, try out some scary attire, or get creative and make an entire ensemble from scratch.

And, with only one day left until the frightful night, we thought it was only fitting to share some of the best wheelchair costumes we could find online (or, in a few cases, that were submitted to us by some of our customers). So, without further adieu, let’s cue the drum roll and take a peek:

A Flying Superman

Complete with blue skies, tall buildings and an action hero taking flight. Villains take warning, this Superman means business.

A Bobcat Driver

Whether the mission is to knock things down, dig a bigger hole, or scoop up loads of candy, this Halloween costume sure is a hit!

A Kayak Tour Guide

No water required: this kayak costume works on dry land, plus allows for ample space to stash candy!

Thomas the Train

A literary and television favorite, this Thomas the Train costume let’s kids experience an evening as the little engine that could.

Magic Wheelchair Costumes

Featured earlier this month in our blog post here, this organization helps turn kid’s costume dreams into a reality. Featured here are two flying dragons (which are pretty amazing if we do say so).

Dr. Arliss Loveless

Modeled after a Wild Wild West villain, who also happens to be in a wheelchair, this costume is spot on!

Thrill-Seeking Dragster

This fun submission by Owen looks like a blast for both on and off the track! Thanks for sharing your costume with us, Owen!

Classic Game Characters: Mario and Luigi

Nothing says brotherly love like Mario and Luigi. Unless you’re playing Mario Kart, then you’d better watch for flying shells.

Star Wars Tie Fighter

Last but not least, no list would be complete without a Star Wars costume (isn’t the new movie coming out soon?). This Darth Vader tie fighter is sure to be a hit at any event this season!

From all of us at Rollx Vans, we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

Want to get your costume added to our list or featured next year? Comment below or email a picture to media@rollxvans.com!

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