You’re Not You: a Novel Turned Movie About ALS

The ALS Association has spent a lot of time in the spotlight, as of late. This is primarily due to the Ice Bucket Challenge becoming a viral phenomenon and, in essence, sweeping it’s way across the various social media platforms.

On the tail-end of that phenomenon, which wheelchair vehicles manufacturer Rollx Vans took part in, there’s been talk about an upcoming movie that delves into what a person really goes through when they have Lou Gehrig’s disease.

It’s called ‘You’re Not You’.

The Original Story

In the original novel, Bec is a self-absorbed college junior that seems to be at war with what makes her happy in life. She takes an unlikely job as an aide for a woman, Kate, that has been immobilized by ALS.

As the two grow and bond, Kate’s sophisticated lifestyle and accomplished skills as a chef begin to rub off on Bec. As her commitment to Kate grows in intensity, Bec finds herself being drawn by the allure of what her life could become.

The Adaptation

Like many books, the movie adaptation already sounds much different than the original story.

In the movie trailer, Bec is an aspiring rock singer, and Kate is a classical pianist that has just been diagnosed with ALS. In this adaptation, the pair face new territories, grow, and change together.

See the movie trailer here:

More About ‘You’re Not You’

‘You’re Not You’ was first released as a novel written by Michelle Wildgen in July 2007. Over the years it has gained recognition, and was adapted for film. The movie adaptation will be released in December 2014, and stars Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum, and Josh Duhamel.

Have you read the novel or plan to see the movie? What do you think of this type of story that shows more of the struggles of ALS? Comment below to join the conversation!

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