Wheelchair Van Maintenance and Why it’s Important

Wheelchair van maintenance is one of the most important things that owners should stay on top of as the years go by. Unlike standard vans, new and used handicap vans have a lot of parts and mechanisms built into them that require special maintenance and service to keep in good working order.

The Rollx Vans Warranty

Every van that we sell here at Rollx Vans, whether new or used, is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. That’s a fact that we are particularly proud of. We even offer 3 year/36,000 mile warranties on all our minivans, and all structural modifications, from the floor to the ramp, are protected with a warranty that lasts for 7 years/70,000 miles.

We also have warranties on our full-size and used vans, and offer extended warranties on eligible vehicles. You can see all our warranty information in our Rollx Van warranty section.

But warranties do have their limits. If you really want to protect your van and the parts inside of it, you need to schedule regular maintenance and service appointments. These visits allow the professionals at Rollx Vans to ensure that everything is working properly. If it isn’t, our mechanics will fix what’s broken so that you can keep enjoying your van for years to come.

How Often Should Vans Be Taken in?

The general rule of wheelchair van maintenance is making service appointments twice a year, or every six months. Just like changing your smoke detector batteries, cleaning out the attic space or any other seasonal chore, wheelchair van maintenance should be added to your list.

It is, without a doubt, the best way to avoid costly wheelchair van lift repairs.

What Else Can Be Done to Care for Your Van?

There are a  lot of maintenance tips for your conversion van that we recommend following in the months between service visits. Everything from keeping your door track and ramp clean to occasionally lubricating the kneeling chain will help keep your van in good working order.

As we approach the winter season, you can also winterize your wheelchair van by checking the battery and fluid levels as well as investing in snow tires. This will keep your van running smoothly until your next spring maintenance appointment.

Be Vigilant and Don’t Hesitate to Call

The most important tools for wheelchair van maintenance are your eyes and ears. If you hear or see something out of place with your van, give us a call immediately so we can take a look at it. Our national maintenance plan offers you the options of having a Rollx Vans mechanic come right to your home, bringing your van directly to us or having a representative help you find a qualified service shop in your area.

Nothing beats having a well-running wheelchair, and we aim to help you keep it that way in any way that we can.

Have you been experiencing any problems with your wheelchair van? Give us a call or let us know in the comments below.

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