Street Photographer Determined Not to Let ALS Get Him Down

We’ve featured a lot of truly inspiring stories on our blog lately. From moms taking on the advertising industry to change the face of beauty to the champions of the Boston Marathon wheelchair race division and even to a paralyzed man becoming the first to regain control of his hand. For this story, we’d like to share the story of one man who wouldn’t give in to his disease and continued to follow his dreams.

Introducing Anthony Carbajal

Anthony Carbajal was diagnosed with ALS in 2014 at just 26 years old. A wedding photographer by trade, Anthony had a passion for photography. An activity that would soon become impossible for him to participate in as his debilitating disease took over.

Instead of giving up his passion, he took it to the streets. Literally.

Making the Switch to Street Photography

Knowing that capturing weddings as he’d been doing was no longer an option, Anthony found that he could continue to take photos through a different form: street photography.

Street photography, unlike wedding photography, is shot free form. The subjects featured are participating in chance encounters and random incidents within public places (not necessarily on the street).

An example of this type of photography would be if you just happened to be taking a photo of a gorgeous sunset at a park or on a beach. To the side of your lense you spot a marriage proposal and snap a couple photos of the happy couple’s moment. This chance encounter is the very definition of street photography.

For Anthony, he was able to attach his camera directly to his wheelchair, taking it with him wherever he goes, and taking photos along the way.

Passion for a New Art Form

With street photography, Anthony is able to share the world from his vantage point, photographing people of all abilities through chance encounters.

As he puts it on his website: “his wheelchair destroys all social boundaries” and he gets to capture raw, authentic photojournalism whenever and wherever he encounters moments. His goal through those moments is not to capture pretty photos, but instead to make us feel something.

His drive and passion to continue to take photographs come from the love he has for his mother – who also has ALS. Ultimately, Anthony wants to raise awareness for ALS through photography. He’s able to continue to spread the word about the disease through images and exhibitions.

Supporting Anthony and ALS Research

At Rollx Vans, we strive to do our part to support the communities our used and customers are within, ALS being one of them. We encourage you to support Anthony and the ALS research, as well. To do so, you can support Anthony through his website and the ALS Association through theirs.

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