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Rollx Vans “Type-S” Wheelchair Van Conversion


Type-S White (1 of 1)

Your Ride Doesn’t Need to Be Boring

For those customers who have wanted a little more excitement in a wheelchair ramp van, Rollx Vans offers the limited edition Type S in a variety of colors and custom paint choices.

The Type S is specific to our Dodge Caravan minivan conversions and include two additional customization features. These features include custom paint and custom graphics.

Here’s what the stylish Dodge Caravan wheelchair ramp van features look like and a few more details about what these custom features include:



• Custom paint and sculpted hood scoops



Additional Features Included

That’s not all. The Type S conversion can be added to any Dodge Caravan package. That means, you can add it to either the Dodge Grand Caravan SXT or the Dodge Grand Caravan R/T models that we already convert.

Comparing the SXT and R/T Models

The Dodge Caravan models come standard with a few options to choose between. When adding the Type S package to your Dodge minivan, keep in mind that the SXT comes with cloth seats, power adjustable brake and gas pedals, and power heated side mirrors. This model also comes with a stow n place roof rack for extra convenience and storage.

The R/T Dodge model minivan is upgraded to include heated leather seats, a heated steering column, and a rear back-up camera. Additionally, the trunk lift gate has a one touch power option with this model.

Either way you choose, you can’t go wrong. The Type S wheelchair ramp van conversion features add a bit more personality and flare to your already custom ride. Plus, it is perfect for the people who like their vehicles to look a little sporty and cool while they are driving down the open road.

Let our sales team know if you might be interested in adding the Type S features to your next converted Dodge Grand Caravan. They can send you additional images, so you can make sure this choice is right for you.